Best Exterior Paints for Australian Weather

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Don't Let Harsh Aussie Weather Ruin Your Home! Top Exterior Paint for a Long-Lasting Finish


Has the Aussie sun faded your freshly painted home? Regular exterior paint can’t cope with our intense UV rays, humidity, and wild temperature swings.

Procover Painting understands this frustration. We’ve seen countless disappointed homeowners with peeling, faded paint. That’s why we committed to finding a solution. Our experienced team has tested every top exterior paint to find those built for Australian conditions.

Let us put our knowledge to work for you! We’ll help you choose the perfect exterior paint for your home – one that delivers a vibrant, long-lasting finish you can be proud of.

The Ultimate Aussie Paint Checklist

Australia’s weather demands a lot from exterior paint. Here’s a closer look at those must-have qualities and why they matter:

weather conditions

1. Sun Shield Power

  • The Enemy: The Australian sun doesn’t just feel harsh on your skin; its intense UV rays break down paint pigments, causing that dreaded fading.
  • The Solution: High-quality, UV-resistant paints use a few tricks:
    • Premium Pigments: These are like super-strong sunblock for your colour. They are designed to hold their vibrancy even after years of sun exposure.
    • Special Resins: Resins are like the glue that holds paint together. Specific resins are much better at resisting the damaging effects of UV light.
  • What to Look For: “UV resistant,” “fade-proof,” “solar reflective,” or brand names of premium pigments and resins.

2. Rain Warrior

  • The Enemy: Rain isn’t just annoying – it’s sneaky. Even tiny gaps in your paint can let moisture seep into your walls, causing blistering, peeling, and even rotting wood over time.
  • The Solution:
    • Water Repellency: Premium exterior paints act like a raincoat for your house, with ingredients that force water to bead up and roll away.
    • Breathability: Sounds weird, but good exterior paints need to let a tiny bit of moisture escape from inside your walls. This prevents problems with trapped humidity.
  • What to Look For: Look for “Water repellent,” “waterproof seal,” or descriptions stating the paint allows walls to “breathe.”

3. Keeps the Nasties Away (Mould & Mildew)

  • The Enemy: Humid climates, like coastal regions or rainforests, are breeding grounds for mould and mildew. These make your paint look grimy and can even damage your house over time.
  • The Solution:
    • Anti-Mould Additives: These are special ingredients mixed into the paint that prevent mould and mildew spores from taking hold and growing.
  • What to Look For: “Anti-mould,” “mould-resistant,” or names of specific anti-mould ingredients.

4. Handles the Heat (And the Cold!)

  • The Enemy: Temperature extremes cause paint to expand and contract. Over time, less flexible paints crack, chip, and lose their protective seal.
  • The Solution: Look for paints designed for flexibility. They usually contain special resins that can bend and stretch with temperature changes without damage.
  • What to Look For: “Extreme temperatures,” “flexible,” or descriptions explaining how the paint adapts to hot and cold.

Picking the Perfect Paint: It's Not One-Size-Fits-All

Choosing paint can feel overwhelming, with endless colours and brands promising the best. But remember, there isn’t one single “best” paint for every situation. To find your perfect match, think about these factors:

What Are You Painting? Each project needs paint designed for the task:

    • Indoor Walls: Look for paints that are easy to clean, hide imperfections, and come in a wide range of beautiful colours.
    • Outdoor Surfaces: Fences, garage doors, decks, and furniture need paints built to withstand sun, rain, and whatever else nature throws their way.
    • Special Projects: Chalky finish paints are unique for upcycling furniture, while bathroom paints need extra power to fight humidity.

Money Matters: Paint prices vary, but that doesn't always mean more expensive is better:

paint comparison
    • Taubmans: Great value! It often covers well and has lots of colour options.
    • Dulux: Slightly pricier but known for super-rich pigments that might mean fewer coats.
    • Wattyl: Budget-friendly option with good quality for covering large areas.
    • Haymes: Excellent durability and UV protection, a great choice for harsh Aussie sun.
    • Bargain Brands: Perfect for small projects or when you want to experiment with bolder colours.

The Colour of Your Dreams:

Have you found the exact shade that makes your heart sing? Sometimes, colour is the most important factor! Just make sure the paint is also designed for your specific project.

Where You Live Matters: Your location makes a difference in paint performance:

    • Salty Coastlines: Special paints protect against the fading and damage that salt air can cause.
    • Shady or Humid Areas: Look for paints with mildew inhibitors to keep walls looking fresh.
    • Harsh Sun: UV-resistant formulas help your colour stay vibrant for years.

The Finish Factor: It's Not Just About Looks

The finish of your paint – how shiny it is – affects way more than just the final style. It also plays a big role in how well your paint stands up to everyday wear and tear. Here’s your guide:

paint sheen levels

Flat: Not the Best Outdoors

    • Why It’s Tricky: Flat finishes tend to trap dirt and get chalky under harsh weather. They’re also more prone to mildew growth in humid areas.
    • When It Might Work: It is only for super sheltered areas with minimal sun, rain, and contact (like under a deep porch).

Satin/Low-Sheen: The "Safe Bet"

    • Sweet Spot: This slight sheen gives dirt resistance and makes cleaning easier than flat finishes( rendered walls).
    • Best For: Most exterior walls! It’s the go-to choice unless you have special circumstances.
    • Offers Balance: Decent durability without being overly shiny or showing every flaw.

Gloss/Semi-Gloss: Shine & Superpower

    • Super Tough: These finishes create a harder surface, ideal for repelling water and resisting stains.
    • Best For: Areas needing extra protection, like trim around windows and doors or anything touched frequently (handrails, etc.).
    • Consider Carefully: Prep work is key! Shiny finishes highlight imperfections.

Our Top Aussie Weatherproof Paint Picks

After years of painting houses all over Australia, Procover Painting knows which brands rise to the challenge. Here’s why these are our favourites:

Paint Comparison Chart

Paint Comparison Chart

Brand Top Product Key Features Ideal Use
Dulux Weathershield UV & water resistance, wide color range Most homes & climates
Haymes Solashield Superior UV protection & heat reflection Full sun exposure
Taubmans All Weather Fast-drying, high water-resistance, mold inhibitors Wet or humid climates
Wattyl Solagard Protects against blistering & cracking, reflects heat Intense sun & heat
dulux paint

Dulux Weathershield

  • What it is: This is the classic choice for good all-around protection. It handles sun, rain, and mould, so your paint job looks fresh. Think of this one as a strong shield for your house.
  • Good for:
    • Most places in Australia, even the sunny ones
    • Keeping your paint colour from fading over time
    • Preventing peeling, cracking, and those ugly mould spots.
    • Anyone who wants a reliable paint with lots of colour options
  • Not so good for:
    • The absolute hottest, sunniest places (there are even stronger paints for that!)
    • Covering dark colours with only one coat
Updated Product Pricing

Updated Paint Product Pricing

Volume Price
4 litre $97.00
10 litre $215.00
15 litre $269.00
haymes paint

Haymes Solashield

  • What it is: The sun-fighting champion. It reflects heat, like sending those intense rays bouncing right back away from your house. This keeps things cooler and helps your colour last.
  • Good for:
    • Hot climates where the sun beats down
    • Keeping your home cooler inside can save on air conditioning bills.
    • Making sure your paint colour stays bright for years to come
  • Not so good for:
    • Those who want a wide variety of colours to pick from
    • Being the cheapest option on the shelf
Latest Product Pricing

Latest Paint Product Pricing

Volume Price
4 litre $99.95
10 litre $220.95
15 litre $277.95
taubmans paint

Taubmans All Weather

  • What it is: This one laughs at rainy days. It dries super fast, so showers won’t ruin your work and stop mould from growing on your walls.
  • Good for:
    • Humid places or anywhere with lots of rain
    • Getting your paint job done quickly, even if the weather forecast isn’t perfect
    • Areas where the temperature changes a lot between hot and cold
  • Not so good for:
    • The super harsh, always-sunny spots (other paints are built stronger for that)
Updated Pricing

Paint Product Pricing

Volume Price
4 litre $93.95
10 litre $208.80
15 litre $261.00
wattyl paint

Wattyl Solagard

  • What it is: Another sun-resistant warrior. It’s designed to take the heat and keep your paint looking good for a long time.
  • Good for:
    • Places where the sun shines strong for most of the year
    • Preventing even bright colours from fading away
    • Anyone who wants a long-lasting paint job
  • Not so good for:
    • People on a tight budget, as it’s a bit more expensive
    • Places with extreme cold and hot swings (sometimes it can crack in those conditions)
Latest Paint Pricing

Updated Paint Pricing

Volume Price
4 litre $120.34
10 litre $269.59
15 litre $335.76

Paint Choices & Australian Weather Variations

  • Coastal Climates: Salt spray can damage some paints. Look for ones specifically labelled “salt-resistant” or discuss with a paint expert.
  • Humid Regions: Prioritize mould/mildew inhibitors and paints formulated for good breathability. Thorough surface prep to remove existing mould is crucial.
  • Extreme Temperatures: Specialty paints with flexibility prevent cracking from expansion/contraction. Ask about this at your paint store.

Surfaces Matter!

Choosing the right paint isn’t just about the weather – the material of your home’s exterior matters just as much. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Brick & Masonry: Most standard exterior paints are suitable. However, opting for masonry-specific paint for older brickwork or porous surfaces will provide superior breathability and durability against moisture seeping through the brick.
  • Wood: Specialized wood coatings are your best bet. Consider these options:
    • Exterior stains: Penetrate deep for long-lasting colour and provide a more natural look than paint. Choose between water-based or oil-based stains depending on the desired finish and durability.
    • Solid-colour exterior paints: These coat the wood, hiding its grain, but can provide maximum protection and rich colour. Look for wood-specific formulas formulated for outdoor use.
  • Metal: Using a paint specifically designed for metal surfaces is vital. These have specialized ingredients to:
    • Prevent rust: Metal paints contain rust inhibitors that neutralize the chemical reaction that causes rusting.
    • Properly bond: Metal-specific paints have unique adhesives designed for metal’s smooth, non-porous nature. Depending on your surface, look for those labelled for ferrous (iron-based) or non-ferrous metals (like aluminium).

A Note on Prep Work: Regardless of the paint you choose, meticulous surface preparation is absolutely essential for a long-lasting paint job. Steps like cleaning, sanding, and priming will vary depending on the surface type and its existing condition.

When in Doubt, Consult a Pro! Experienced painters can assess your home’s exterior and recommend the optimal type of paint, the best product line, and even professional-grade materials—giving you an exceptional finish that will withstand the test of time.

Which Paint Is Perfect for YOUR Home?

It’s true – there’s no single “best” paint for everyone. Here’s what matters most:

1. Where You Live: Your Weather Matters!

  • Beach House? Salt spray and strong sun are nightmares for paint. You’ll need tough paint that can handle both.
  • Outback Living? Think about scorching heat and dust storms. The best paint resists cracking and fading in those conditions.
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away? If you’re in a super rainy spot, a paint that repels water and stops mould from growing is your best friend.

2. Money Now vs. Money Later

  • Cheaper Paints: They might seem like a bargain, but you’ll likely be repainting sooner. That means more work and more money in the long run.
  • Fancy Paints: They cost more initially, but they’re like super armour for your house! They last longer, look awesome, and protect better.

Ready for a Weatherproof Home?

The harsh Aussie sun damages regular paint, leaving you with faded colours and peeling frustration. Procover Painting, your trusted Newcastle painters, can help!

With our expertise in choosing the perfect exterior paint for your home’s specific needs and climate, we’ll ensure a vibrant, long-lasting finish you’ll love.

Don’t settle for another short-lived paint job – get a free quote from Procover Painting today and unlock years of beautiful curb appeal for your home!


Most frequent questions and answers

There’s no single “best” brand for everyone. Top-rated options in Australia include Dulux, Taubmans, Haymes, and Wattyl. The right choice depends on your home’s surface, local climate, and budget. A professional painter can help you select the perfect brand and product line for your needs.

  • Look for 100% acrylic exterior paints. They offer the best balance of durability and weather resistance.
  • Prioritise paints with these features:
    • UV resistance to prevent fading
    • Water resistance and breathability
    • Mould and mildew resistance (especially in humid areas)
  • 100% acrylic-based paints are the top choice for most climates. They handle Aussie weather challenges well.
  • Specialised paints might be necessary for specific surfaces like metal. Consult a paint specialist or an experienced painter for advice.
  • Painters have individual preferences, but popular brands include Dulux, Taubmans, Haymes, Wattyl, and British Paints.
  • Choosing the right paint line for the job is more important than the brand itself, as is ensuring proper surface preparation and application. These factors heavily impact the paint’s performance.
  • Top contenders for durability include:
    • Dulux Weathershield
    • Haymes Solashield
    • Taubmans All Weather
  • Keep in mind: Even the most durable paint will only last for a while if applied correctly or if it’s not suited to your climate and home’s surface material.
  • Dulux Weathershield is their flagship exterior line, known for its all-around protection.
  • Dulux also offers other exterior-specific lines. A professional consultation can help determine the best choice based on your home’s needs and desired look.

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