Best Interior & Exterior Paints for Australian Homes: A Pro’s Guide (2024)

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Australia's Top Paint Brands Compete in Interior and Exterior Quality Contest

Choosing the right paint for your home can feel like a maze. Knowing where to start is tough with so many brands and fancy promises. That’s why we’re breaking down the world of interior and exterior paints, helping you make smart choices that give your home the lasting beauty it deserves.
Whether tackling a whole-house makeover or a single room refresh, the right paint can make a huge difference. But it’s not just about the colour! We’ll dive into the factors that truly matter:

Interior Painting: It's Not Just About Pretty Colour

Sure, colour is huge, but those practical factors are just as important!

  • Durability: Imagine this: months after painting, your child accidentally slams a toy against the wall. Does your heart sink, expecting a big, ugly mark? Or do you feel confident a quick wipe will handle it? Truly durable paint acts as armour for your walls, so daily life doesn’t leave them battle-scarred.
  • Washability: Between muddy paw prints after a rainy walk, spaghetti sauce mishaps in the kitchen, and mystery smudges kids leave behind, messes happen. Washable paint shouldn’t require crazy cleaning products or endless scrubbing. Most marks should vanish with soap, water, and a dash of determination.
  • Opacity: Imagine wasting your entire weekend repainting just because the first coat barely made a dent! Quality paint spreads evenly and hides the old colour quickly, giving you more time to enjoy your freshly updated space (and your sanity).
  • Finish: Do you want a bedroom that feels like a cozy retreat or a living room filled with bright, cheerful energy? Your paint’s finish (how shiny or matte it is) makes a huge difference! Glossy paints reflect light, making a small room feel bigger, while matte finishes create a sense of calm. We’ll look at the difference between all those sheens: flat, low sheen, satin – so you get the perfect look for your space.
  • VOCs:  Paint fumes can be overwhelming, especially if you spend days breathing them in. Choosing low-VOC paints lessens those harsh smells during the project and improves your indoor air quality long after the job is done. It’s a win-win, especially for those with kids, pets, or anyone sensitive to strong odours.

Interior Brand Smackdown: Let's Get Specific

Paint Comparison Chart

Paint Comparison Chart

Brand Best For Key Features Price Range VOC Level
Dulux Wash & Wear High-traffic areas Advanced cleaning, Stain resistance High Low
Taubmans Endure Interior Moisture-prone areas Anti-mould, Durable finish Mid to High Low
Haymes Ultra Premium Interior Large spaces, On-trend colours Superior coverage, Rich colour palette Mid to High Low
Wattyl I.D. Advanced Low Sheen Rooms with moderate wear Economical, Low sheen finish Affordable Low
Smaller Brands (British Paints, Bristol Paint) Budget projects Competitive pricing, Good quality Low Variable

We’re comparing popular low-sheen paints, an excellent choice for most rooms because they hide imperfections and have a subtle shine. Let’s dig deeper into those household names and a few surprises:

  • Dulux Wash & Wear:  This one lives up to the hype! It tackles everyday messes like a champ. They wipe off spills, scribbles, and scuffs without ruining your walls. It costs a bit more, but it could be worth the investment if your home sees much action.
  • Taubmans Endure Interior:  Its superpower is fighting moisture, making it perfect for those spots where mould and mildew tend to creep in. Think bathrooms, laundry rooms, or even kitchens where steam is common.
  • Haymes Ultra Premium Interior:  This one is all about fantastic coverage! If you have big walls to tackle, this paint goes smooth and thick, needing fewer coats. Plus, Haymes is known for its beautiful, on-trend colour range.
  • Wattyl I.D. Advanced Low Sheen:  This workhorse is kind to your wallet. It delivers decent performance in rooms with only a little wear and tear, like guest bedrooms or home offices.
  • Bonus: Don’t Sleep on the Underdogs! Smaller brands like British Paints or Bristol Paint can sometimes surprise you with fantastic quality at a lower price than the big guys. If you’re feeling adventurous, they’re worth exploring.

Exterior Battle: Your Home vs. The Elements

Your home’s exterior is its shield against the harsh Aussie environment. Choosing the right paint isn’t just about colour; it’s about the protection that lasts. Let’s break down the top factors to consider:

  • Fighting the Fade: Imagine spending time and money on a gorgeous colour only to watch it fade to a dull shadow of itself. The best exterior paints have superior U.V. resistance, keeping your home looking bold and beautiful year after year, even under the intense Australian sun.
  • Banishing Mould and Mildew: These pesky growths give your home that ‘neglected’ looks way too quickly. This is especially important in humid areas—think coastal regions or shady spots in the yard. Look for paints that resist mould and mildew, saving you from constant cleaning battles.
  • Flexible and Forgiving:  Australia’s weather shifts from scorching heat to chilly nights. Your paint needs to handle those changes gracefully! It should expand and contract with your house, preventing cracks and peeling that make repainting a frequent chore.
  • The Prep Factor:  Imagine finally being motivated to repaint only to find your beautiful new colour fails because the old paint underneath is a mess. Some exterior paints are more forgiving over older surfaces, while others need a perfectly prepped base to stick properly. Consider the state of your current paint job and how much effort you will put into prep work.

Remember: Your Home, Your Choice

  • Living in a coastal area with intense sun and humidity? Prioritize U.V. resistance and mould-fighting power.
  • Worried about cracks and peeling in regions with big temperature swings? Look for a flexible formula.
  • Have an older home with less-than-perfect existing paint? A forgiving exterior paint can be a lifesaver.

Exterior Heavyweights: Let's Size Them Up!

Exterior Paint Comparison Chart

Exterior Paint Comparison Chart

Brand Best For Key Features
Dulux Weathershield General use in all Australian climates Superior weather resistance, Long-lasting colour retention, Easy application
Taubmans All Weather Coastal homes, High humidity areas Mould and mildew resistance, Durability in humid conditions, Easy maintenance
Haymes Solashield Homes under intense sunlight High U.V. resistance, Vibrant and long-lasting colours, Ideal for decorative elements
Wattyl Solagard Heritage homes, Custom colour projects Durability through extreme weather, Over 40,000 colour options, Heritage restoration suitability

Let’s take a closer look at the heavy hitters in the world of exterior paint. We’ll focus on their standout features to help you decide which one is right for your home’s unique challenges:

  • Dulux Weathershield: This popular choice is more than just hype! It handles the Aussie climate like a champ – sun, rain, dirt, you name it. Expect your colour to stay vibrant and your paint job to last for years.
  • Taubmans All Weather: If you battle humidity, mould, and mildew, look no further. This one is specifically designed to keep those problems at bay, perfect for coastal regions or homes with lots of shade.
  • Haymes Solashield: Think of it as sunscreen for your house! If you want bold, beautiful colours that won’t fade under the intense Aussie sun, this line delivers. It is an excellent choice for showcasing a vibrant front door or weatherboard.
  • Wattyl Solagard: Trusted exterior paint supplier Wattyl boasts 45 years of Australian heritage in tough weatherproof coatings. Solagard’s durability shines through harsh winters and baking summers. But what sets it apart is the vast range of custom colours possible – over 40,000 options! Ideal for heritage home restorations.

Verdict: Your Needs Dictate the Winner

When choosing the “best” paint, the honest answer is it depends! The right paint for your neighbour might not be suitable for you. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors to keep in mind:

Your Home's Battleground:

    • Coastal Climates:  Dealing with salty sea air and constant moisture? Your paint needs extra toughness to resist fading and mould. Look for brands specifically designed for these challenges.
    • Dry and Sunny:  Inland areas often mean intense sun beating down on your home. Focus on paints with superior U.V. resistance to keep colours looking fresh for years.

How Often Do You Want to Repaint?

    • Frequent Refreshers: A more budget-friendly paint might be perfect if you love changing your home’s look. You can experiment with colours and trends guilt-free!
    • Set it and Forget It: If repainting is firmly at the bottom of your chore list, investing in premium paint with a longer lifespan can save you hassle and money in the long run.

Your Dream Colour Scheme:

    • Bold and Beautiful:  Some brands are known for their stunning range of colours. If nailing a specific shade or finding on-trend palettes is important, check the colour selection of different brands.
    • Classic and Timeless: Most major brands will cover you if your style leans towards simpler palettes. You might get a better deal as they focus on producing those common colours in large quantities.

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Most frequent questions and answers

There’s no single “best” brand for everyone. Top contenders like Dulux, Taubmans, Haymes, and Wattyl all offer high-quality products. The ideal choice depends on your project’s specific needs:

    • Climate: Coastal homes need protection differently from inland ones.
    • Budget: Premium brands often last longer, but budget-friendly options exist.
    • Colour Choice: Some brands excel in a wider colour selection.

Both are reputable brands with strengths:

    • Dulux: Market leader is known for durability, wide range, and ease of find.
    • Taubmans: Excels in moisture resistance innovation and is suitable for humid areas. 

The right choice depends on:

      • Project type: Bathroom? Exterior in a coastal area?
      • Desired finish: Both have various sheen options.
      • Budget: Prices can be similar; shop around for sales.

Define “quality” for your needs

    • Longest lasting: Premium brands like Dulux Weathershield often win here.
    • Easiest to apply: Some brands have thicker, more forgiving formulas.
    • Most vibrant colour: Brands like Haymes are known for wide, bold palettes.

Pros often have multiple go-to’s: Different brands shine in different situations.

Factors influencing their choices:

    • Client budget: Impacts what’s affordable for the project.
    • Specific needs: High-traffic area? Must be mildew-resistant?
    • Personal relationships: Some painters get loyalty discounts from suppliers.
  • There is no simple answer: Durability depends on prep, application, and climate.
  • Premium lines usually outperform: Dulux Weathershield, Taubmans All Weather, and Haymes Solashield, which are designed for longevity.
  • But, cheaper paints can still be worthwhile for low-wear areas or frequent repaints.
  • Generally, yes: Premium paints use higher-quality ingredients for fade resistance, better coverage, etc.
  • This isn’t always guaranteed: Poor prep or extreme weather can shorten any paint’s lifespan.
  • Value is key: A $250 paint lasting twice as long as a $150 one is a better investment.
  • It is highly unlikely under typical Australian conditions. Even top-quality paints degrade with sun, rain, and wear.
  • Some may come close: Premium exterior paints in ideal situations might reach 7-8 years before needing a refresh.
  • Marketing claims with caution: “10-year guarantee” often means protection against minimal types of damage.

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