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Do you ever drive through Maitland and admire the pretty Victorian, Federation and Californian bungalow style homes? Their charming designs featuring welcoming verandahs, detailed woodwork and tin roofs lend themselves beautifully to creative exterior colour schemes.
As professional painters in Maitland for over 14 years, we at Procover Painting know a thing or two about choosing the perfect palette to enhance these architectural beauties. Read on as we walk you through getting the most out of your home’s potential with colour.

Colours That Pop With Personality

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When driving or walking around Maitland, the most eye-catching houses are often decked out in fun, vibrant colours. Paint is an easy and affordable way to showcase your home’s unique style.

Popular contemporary colour trends we love to use when painting Maitland homes include:

  • Burnt oranges, mustard yellows and bold teals – vibrant accent colours that make trim details pop
  • Natural earth tones like sage greens, terracotta and sand – relaxed hues that blend with the environment
  • Soft pastel pinks, blues and yellows – understated colours that give a cute, quaint cottage look

How Regional Light & Climate Influence Exterior Colour Choices

The rainy, humid climate and brightly lit environment around Maitland directly impact the appearance of paint colours on home exteriors.
Dark or saturated colours tend to look unappealing and show imperfections. Natural light washes out lighter tones.
We recommend colours with high LRV (Light Reflectance Values) between 50 and 70. This keeps homes looking bright and vibrant.
For trim, doors and accents, deeper shades with lower LRVs contrast nicely against lighter wall colours.

Sample Colour Schemes for Maitland Architecture

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To inspire your next exterior house painting project, we’ve applied some charming colour schemes to beautiful old homes around Maitland.


This early 1900s weatherboard strikes the perfect balance between playful and refined. The Eccleston Purple base works beautifully against crisp white accents.

  • Walls: Eccleston Purple
  • Trim: Off White
  • Front Door: Rowan Berry
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For this stately Federation-style residence circa 1910, we opted for an elegant sage green and ultra white combo:

  • Walls: Tradewind
  • Trim: Crisp Linen
  • Front Door & Accents: Melbourne Red

The red door and window boxes provide a striking pop of contrast.

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There’s something very Palm Springs about this 1960s Queenslander. We used sugary pastels to enhance its beachy personality.

  • Walls: Wisp Pink
  • Trim: Sky Blue
  • Deck: Coconut Cream

Pro Tip: Tie together exterior colour schemes by incorporating accent tones on outdoor furniture, pot plants and front doors. This gives a harmonious designer touch.

Jazz Up Your Curb Appeal With Bold, Beautiful Colours

Painting the exterior of your home is a refreshing way to showcase your style to the neighbourhood. The increased curb appeal can boost resale value by up to 15%!
Choose colours and colour combinations that highlight your home’s best architectural elements. Complementing the existing style usually works better than going radically out there.

Contact Us

The team at Procover Painting prides itself on beautiful, long-lasting house painting results throughout Maitland and the Hunter Valley. We can’t wait to walk you through a colour selection tailored to your home and style preferences.
Reach out via our online contact form or call us on 0430823631. We offer free quotes and colour consultations and are always happy to provide painting advice, even for DIYers.
Let us take care of all the painting mess, stress and hard work involved with creating your dream exterior colour scheme! We can’t wait to make your home shine as bright as the happy places we paint around Maitland.

5 Common Questions About Exterior House Painting in Maitland

Over the past decade, painting hundreds of homes around Maitland, we've been asked every exterior paint question possible! Here are some of the most common

In Maitland’s humid, rainy environment, expect to repaint every 5-7 years. Signs you need a refresh include cracking, flaking, mould and significant fading.

Dark colours show imperfections on weatherboards. Light colours get washed out by the sun. Stick to LRV 50-70 for best results.

In 2024, expect to pay around $2,500 to $20,000 to paint a standard 2-5 bedroom single storey house. Exact quotes depend on size, preparation needed, colours and inclusions.

While DIY is tempting because it can save money, the prep work and painting experience for large exteriors is extremely challenging for novice painters. Professional painters use special tools, know paint compatibility issues, and work efficiently to save costs.

Depending on the weather, a single-story house should be properly pressure cleaned, prepped, masked, and painted in 1- 2 weeks. Professional painters in Maitland work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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