Ultimate Paint Guide for Maitland Weatherboard Homes

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Have you cruised through a neighbourhood and wondered how some homes have an extra vibrant, polished look? A fresh coat of exterior paint made all the difference.

When painting the exterior of Australian weatherboard homes, like many found in Maitland, there are special considerations compared to brick or other siding types. The good news is that you have options for achieving a flawless, long-lasting paint job.

In this post by Procover Painting, we’ll compare popular paint types and finishes to help you discover the best exterior paint for your Maitland weatherboard home. Read on to learn which choices offer durability through intense heat and downpours!

Acrylic or Oil-Based Paints for Weatherboards?

When researching exterior paint, you’ll immediately notice two main types – acrylic  and oil-based alkyd. Painters in Maitland typically recommend acrylics for most weatherboard homes because:

  • Acrylics allow the wood to expand and contract with weather changes without cracking
  • Offer better adhesion and coverage on textured surfaces like wood grain
  • Dry faster, allowing multiple coats in a day
  • Release less odour and vapours compared to oil-based

However, oil-based enamels do have benefits:

  • Provide a smooth, hard finish that resists damage
  • Less prone to fading and chalking in extreme sunlight

Our painters serving Maitland homeowners suggest using 100% acrylic paints for the best durability on weatherboards. Top-tier acrylic formulas rival the performance of oils without the drawbacks.

For the right sheen, keep reading!

Which Sheen Is Best for Your Maitland Weatherboard House?

gloss level indicator

Sheen refers to the glossiness or flatness of the dried finish in exterior house paint. As painters in Maitland will tell you, sheen plays a significant role in determining durability and appearance.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from each option:

  • Flat – No shine, excellent at hiding imperfections. Chalks over time.
  • Satin – Low sheen, slight pearlescent quality. Durable and easy to clean.
  • Semi-Gloss – Medium gloss, vibrant colour. Resists damage from weather and washing.
  • Gloss – High shine. Most durable and stain-resistant. Shows imperfections.

As you can see, higher sheens offer increased protection, while lower sheens hide flaws better.

For weatherboard homes, most painters serving Maitland choose satin or semi-gloss sheens for their balance of durability and aesthetics. The subtle sheen beautifully highlights architectural details without overemphasizing uneven textures.

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Pro Tips to Get Flawless Exterior Painting Results

Beyond choosing the best type of paint, proper prep and application make all the difference:

  • Always pressure clean weatherboards before painting them. Let them fully dry before priming bare wood or previously painted areas.
  • Tint primer close to your topcoat colour for optimal coverage, especially on intense shades.
  • Apply two to three coats of 100% acrylic exterior paint for protection that lasts. Less costly paint may require more frequent painting.
  • Use a high-quality brush designed for exteriors and a small roller for large areas. Avoid excessive brushing back into areas that are drying.
  • Schedule your exterior painting at times with moderate temperatures, low humidity, and no rain in sight for a few days. This allows adequate cure times between coats.

Let Procover Painting Make Your Maitland Weatherboard House Shine

As experienced house painters serving Maitland, Procover Painting has painted numerous weatherboards. We know first-hand how to prepare and paint exteriors correctly to achieve rich, uniform colours and lasting protection.

Our fully qualified crew uses high performance acrylic paints tailored for Australian conditions and finishes the job to strict quality standards.

For a free estimate on giving your Maitland weatherboard home a flawless new look, contact Procover Painting today!


Most frequent questions and answers

Aim for times with relatively mild, dry weather – typically, spring and autumn work well. Schedule at least 2 days of dry weather after painting so the curing paint film won’t be damaged. Keep temperature above 10 degrees.

You can expect to budget between $2,500 to $30,000 for labour and paint materials. Factors like size, paint choice, repairs needed, prep work, height, and accessibility impact the overall job cost. Get a free quote from your local painter to learn specifics for your home.

Not necessarily! While some neighbourhoods have themes, you can express your unique style with exterior colours. For resale value down the road, popular neutral shades are always a safe bet in Maitland.

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