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Welcome to Procover Painting – your trusted local choice for vibrant transformations and authentic finishes, residential or commercial. Located in Newcastle, NSW, we’re not merely painters but part of the community, serving areas from Hamilton to Kotara, Adamstown to New Lambton. We’re more than just painters; we’re your neighbours. From interior rooms to exterior weatherboards, ceilings to walls, we’re experts in every facet of painting. We’ve seen the sunset behind the iconic Newcastle Harbour and admired the colours reflecting off the facades of our beautiful local buildings.

Understanding Newcastle’s unique coastal aesthetic and varying conditions, no one does it better than us. Our team of dedicated professionals handles both the intricate details of interior spaces and the challenges of exterior facades. Whether it’s a sophisticated finish for your Merewether living room, a refresh for your commercial space’s walls and ceilings, or a classic gloss for your historic Cooks Hill residence’s weatherboards, we’ve got you covered. Residents and businesses alike in Newcastle choose Procover Painting for their residential and commercial needs. Our commitment to excellence and love for the local community sets us apart. As premier painters in Newcastle, we source only the highest quality paints to withstand the salty sea breezes, ensuring your interior and exterior spaces remain radiant for years.

Whether a cozy home or a bustling business, your property deserves artistry. Every aspect of Newcastle’s landscape should reflect its rich heritage, charm, and future promise. As the leading painters in Newcastle, we aim to make that vision come alive. Let’s paint a brighter, more beautiful tomorrow together.

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Interior Painting

With its blend of coastal beauty and urban buzz, Newcastle is a city where every home tells a unique story. And just like any good story, sometimes a fresh chapter is needed. That’s where Procover Painting steps in.

Your home is more than bricks and mortar; it’s a canvas of memories, dreams, and everyday moments. Over time, wear and tear can make spaces like your bedroom, the sanctuary after a long day, look tired. The walls may have lost their once-vibrant colour, or the ceilings show signs of age. Windows and doors, which stood firm against the elements, might be chipped or faded. These small details might seem trivial, but they can change your feelings about your space.

Our painting services include:

Beyond the bedroom, think of your living room, where countless family gatherings have taken place. Or, think of your kitchen, where delicious aromas have left their mark. These spaces deserve revival. And the little elements, like doors and windows, are treated with just as much care, ensuring they match the renewed charm of the surrounding areas.
But here’s what truly sets Procover Painting apart: our local touch. Every shade we suggest, and every technique we employ, draws inspiration from the heart of Newcastle. The city’s character, its blend of beachside relaxation and lively streets, subtly influences our work. So, your home doesn’t just get a fresh look; it brings a touch of Newcastle’s soul.

In a nutshell, Procover Painting gives your Newcastle home the fresh start it deserves. With attention to every detail, from ceilings to floors and all the nooks and crannies in between, we’re here to ensure your space feels just right. After all, every home has a story to tell, and we’re here to help yours shine brightly.

Transform Your Place with Our 5-Star Painting Services At Affordable Prices.

Procover Painting paints the interior and exterior of homes and businesses. Our friendly painters in Newcastle help make your place look new again. Whether it’s a house or a shop, we are here to do a good painting job for you.

Boost Your Home's Value with Expert Exterior House Painting Services

Revamp your home’s exterior with our top-notch painting services in Lambton, Kotara, The Hill and The Junction. We use high-quality paints and a meticulous process to ensure stunning and long-lasting results. Contact us now for a free estimate and follow us on

Exterior Painting

Starting a painting project is like starting a new journey, and the outside look of your home is the first step. Let’s make your home look amazing with Procover Painting, where your painting dreams come true. As a trusted painter in Newcastle, we ensure your paint lasts long and looks beautiful. Let’s make your home look new and exciting together. Every part of your home, big or small, is a chance for us to show our painting skills! We paint the details people don’t notice much, like the fascia and soffits, with care. Procover Painting is about making your home’s outside look fantastic; every part is important to us.
Your doors and windows show a bit of what’s inside, so let’s make them look inviting. We paint them in a way that protects them and makes them look good. They should welcome everyone and show off your outdoor views nicely.

In Newcastle, homes are more than just bricks and doors. Outside areas like decks, railings, and patio covers are where you relax and have fun with friends and family. We carefully paint these areas to ensure they last long and look fresh. It’s also essential to protect your home from rain and weather. We paint gutters and downpipes to look good and work well. Your fences and gates are not just for marking your place but can also look stylish with our painting.
Newcastle is lively, and picking painters in Newcastle can be confusing. But choosing Procover Painting makes it easy. We care about making your home last long, look good, and show style. Whether you want a small change or a big makeover, our painting will make your home look perfect.
So, let’s make your home’s exterior something special with Procover Painting. Your home is in good hands with us!

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Interior Walls & Ceilings

Elevate your home with our expert Interior painting services for walls & ceilings, offering quality finishes and lasting beauty.

Doors Windows & Trims

Improve the aesthetics of your home with our expert painting services for doors, windows, and trims.

Weatherboards & Claddings

Transform your home exterior with our expert painting services for weatherboards & claddings, ensuring long-lasting result.

Feature Walls

Make a statement with our exceptional painting services for feature walls, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Decks & fences

Make your outdoor space stand out with our professional painting services for decks and fences.

Garage Doors

Transform your garage door with our vibrant, weather-resistant paint! Bring life to your home’s exterior.

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