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Keeping Rover out of the Paint During Your Lake Macquarie Interior Painting Project

Your interior painting project is finally happening! You’ve picked the perfect, on-trend paint colours from Haymes and have booked with Procover Painting, one of the expert painters in Lake Macquarie. Now it’s time to prepare your home for the mess and mayhem of the painters in Lake Macquarie.

If you have pets at home, extra preparation is needed to keep your furry friends safe during the painting process. As professional painters in Lake Macquarie, we’ve seen our fair share of curious cats and clumsy canines interfere with paint jobs. So we’ve put together this lighthearted guide on pet-proofing your home before the painters arrive.

Set Up a Safe Space for Your Pets

The first step is creating a safe space where pets can comfortably hang out away from wet paint and painters. An empty bedroom or bathroom works well. Lay down cosy beds, water bowls, litter trays and toys to keep them occupied.

During particularly noisy or smelly tasks like sanding or staining, it can help to obliterate pets from the house. Ask a friend or neighbour to pet-sit, or consider boarding them for a few days. Just make sure they’re back before the paint dries!

Pet-Proof Each Room Before Painting Starts

As you prepare each room for painting, give it a sweep for any pet items that could get paint splattered or knocked over. This includes food bowls, beds, litter trays and toys. Remove dangling toys to avoid accidents with ladders.

It’s also wise to tape up cables for blinds, lamps, etc., so pets don’t get tangled during the job. And, of course, remove any cat scratching posts and big pet furniture that the painters need access to.

Pro Tip: Use painter’s tape rather than regular sticky tape. It won’t damage surfaces when you remove it.

Keep Pets Away from Drying Paint

The number one post-painting pet predicament? Wet paw prints across freshly painted walls and floors! As tempting as it is to let pets roam free once painters leave, keep them confined until paint has FULLY dried. This takes longer than you’d expect – often 24-48 hours. Rover might get restless, but another day of distraction in their safe zone is worthwhile to avoid repainting.

Set up baby gates in doorways to block access if needed. And if accidents happen? All is not lost! Contact the professional painters in Lake Macquarie at Procover Painting for touch-up advice.

Time to Book Your Lake Macquarie Painters!

Preparing your home and pets for painters doesn’t need to be stressful. Follow these simple tips to keep your furry friends comfy and out of the paint during your interior painting project.

Ready to get started? Call Procover Painting on 0430823631 or request a free quote online today to have Lake Macquarie’s top painters refresh your home. Mention this guide for 10% off!


Most frequent questions and answers

*Is paint toxic to pets once dry?

No. Modern water-based interior paints have very low VOC and are non-toxic when fully cured. Oil-based paints take longer to dry but are also safe once hardened. Still, keep cats and dogs away while drying!

What about pet hair floating into wet paint?

Those sneaky fur tumbleweeds always appear at the worst moments! Don’t stress – use a stiff brush or sticky lint roller to remove pet hair once the paint dries. Avoid roughly brushing until the paint has fully cured.

My pets get anxious around strangers and loud noises. Help!

Talk to your painters about minimising disruption, or consider boarding highly sensitive animals. Providing familiar beds and toys can also help ease anxiety. Calming treats/pheromone diffusers also work for some pets.

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