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How To Spray Painting Aluminium Window Frames At Home


Aluminium window frames are popular for many homes due to their durability, low maintenance, and modern look. Over time, though, the aluminium can start to look worn, faded or discoloured. Instead of replacing the windows, a cost-effective solution is giving them a fresh look with a spray paint makeover.

Benefits Of Painting Aluminium Windows 

Painting aluminium window frames has many benefits for homeowners looking to refresh their home’s exterior. Applying a protective coating of acrylic enamel spray paint can extend the life of aluminium windows at a fraction of the full replacement cost.

Key Benefits:

  • Protects from weather damage due to rain, sun exposure, and oxidation
  • Seals out moisture to prevent corrosion and rust
  • Provides updated, custom colour options to fit home style
  • More affordable at less than 30% of the cost of new window installation
  • Hides existing scratches or minor dents
  • Reflects more interior light for brighter rooms
  • Allows aluminium’s durable low-maintenance to shine through
  • Keeps frames functionally smooth despite outdoor conditions

A fresh coat of paint keeps aluminium visually appealing and physically shielded from elements that can age the material. Following proper application techniques also provides long-lasting results to get the most out of your aluminium windows for a fraction of the replacement cost.


Before beginning to spray paint, proper preparation of the aluminium window frames is crucial for the paint to adhere correctly and achieve an even finish. Here are the key steps:

– Clean the Frames:

 Ensure the aluminium frames are clean of dirt, grease or peeling paint. Wash with a degreaser and then rinse thoroughly. Lightly sanding will help the new paint stick to the surface.

– Remove Hardware:

 Remove any screens, cranks and window locks so you only paint the frame. Place hardware pieces in plastic bags so they don’t get lost.

– Mask Off Areas:

 Use painter’s tape and plastic sheeting to cover nearby walls, windows, or fixtures you don’t want to paint accidentally. Tape newspapers or drop cloths underneath the windows.

– Fix Imperfections: 

Check for cracks, holes or missing caulking and repair these before spraying. Use aluminium-friendly epoxy fillers and caulking. Ensure repairs are smooth and even with the frame surface.

Paint Selection

For best results with aluminium, choose a paint spray explicitly designed for metal and aluminium. The paint should have a built-in primer to prepare the non-porous surface properly. Select a high-quality acrylic enamel spray paint for maximum durability and colour retention. An all-in-one option with primer included provides convenience. Choose a sheen level from matte to high gloss, depending on personal preference.

Spray Painting Process

When ready to start spray painting, follow these essential tips:

– Shake the Can:

 Always shake the spray paint thoroughly for at least a minute. This properly mixes the paint pigments and ensures even flow and distribution during spraying.

– Light Coats: 

Apply multiple thin, even light coats rather than trying to cover fully with one heavy coat. Light coats prevent dripping and runs. Slowly build coverage across 3-4 applications, allowing proper dry time between coats.

– Distance & Angle: 

Hold the spray can 6 to 8 inches away from the surface at a perpendicular angle. Get a feel for the spray nozzle and how the paint releases. Move the arm steadily across the surface to ensure smooth application.

– Crosshatch:

 Slightly overlap each stroke as you spray. Use vertical strokes, then repeat them horizontally to cover all angles properly and create a uniform look. The crosshatch method prevents missing any spots.

– Edge Work: 

Pay special attention to covering these areas thoroughly when spraying around the interior edges and window seams. Multiple light coats work best for full seam coverage without heavy build-up or drips.

– Dry Thoroughly:

 Give ample dry time between coats according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures proper curing so that the paint adheres correctly with additional coats. Lower humidity speeds dry time.

Clean Up

Once finished with all paint applications, the final step is proper clean-up:

– Unmask Area: 

Carefully remove all painter’s tape, plastic and protective coverings from nearby areas. Slowly peel the tape away from freshly painted aluminium at a 90-degree angle to prevent chipping or peeling.

– Touch-ups:

 Inspect for any light spots or thin coverage areas. Perform any necessary touch-ups by lightly spray painting additional coats. Be careful not to get heavy-handed with touch-ups.

– Clear Nozzle: 

Turn the spray can upside down after use and spray for 5 seconds to clear out the spray nozzle so it’s clean for the next application.

– Check Hardware:

 Reinstall any screens, window cranks or additional hardware removed before painting once the frames are fully cured and dry. Test to ensure hardware connects properly to the frame.

Cure Time

It’s crucial to allow adequate cure time before touching up, reinstalling hardware or exposing newly spray-painted aluminium window frames:

– Handle with Care:

Wait at least 24 hours before gently reinstalling any window hardware or lightly handling the frames. Use care not to scratch or dent the fresh paint.

– Full Cure:

 Allow 1 to 2 weeks for spray paint on aluminium frames to fully cure, depending on humidity and temperature. Higher heat and low moisture accelerate cure time.

– Ventilate:

 Keep room with the freshly painted aluminium frames well-ventilated during the curing process. Open windows so fumes can escape and air can circulate.


With the right preparation and application technique, spray painting is a simple, affordable way to give worn aluminium window frames an upgraded, uniform appearance. Following these tips will result in durable, long-lasting spray paint results. Ensure adequate cure time for proper adhesion before exposing window frames to weather elements or scratches from reinstalled hardware.

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