The 10 Hottest Exterior Paint Colours from Taubmans, Haymes & Dulux for 2024 In Australia

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The 10 Hottest Exterior Paint Colours from Taubmans, Haymes & Dulux for 2024 In Australia


Are you planning to refresh the exterior of your Australian home in 2024? Stay on top of the latest colour trends by choosing one of these gorgeous shades from top national paint brands known for the quality and depth of hues that come to life. Get ready for your best-ever curb appeal by using one or more of these colours:

1. Powder Pink Perfection: Wattyl Powder Rose

This lively pink paint is feminine and fun. It brightens beach houses or gives modern farm cottages extra personality with its saturated, rosy tone.

Dulux Woodland Grey

Colorbond’s Woodland Grey is a deep, earthy grey with hints of green, reflecting the serene and robust beauty of forest canopies. Perfect for adding a touch of natural sophistication to any structure, it’s elegant and practical, effortlessly hiding wear and dirt.

3. Colorbond Surfmist

Colorbond’s Surfmist is a soft, light white colour. It’s like the foam of a wave, fresh and clean. This colour is excellent for making places look bright and open. It works well for roofs, walls, and fences, fitting nicely with many house styles. Surfmist is a simple, elegant choice that stays in style.

4. Dulux White Exchange Half

A vibrant yet understated white that brings a sense of brightness and space. It’s an excellent choice for all homes, from modern to classic. It is remarkably effective in sunny climates, reflecting the light beautifully.

5. Colorbond Shale Grey

A sleek, modern grey, this colour is ideal for achieving a minimalist look. It suits urban homes and is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle, sophisticated exterior. It also works well with bold accent colours.

6. Casper White Quarter

A soft, ethereal white that adds a touch of elegance. It’s best used on traditional homes, such as Victorian or Edwardian styles, highlighting architectural details without overwhelming them.

7. Dulux Tranquil Retreat

Dulux Tranquil Retreat is a gentle grey colour with a touch of purple. It’s like a quiet morning sky. This colour is perfect for making your house feel relaxing and calm. It’s great for modern homes in the suburbs. It makes your house look stylish and peaceful at the same time.

8. Dulux Lexicon Quarter

This is a clean, crisp grey, adaptable to various architectural styles. It’s particularly effective in modern homes, bringing a contemporary edge while providing a beautiful backdrop for landscaping.

9. Dulux Deep Ocean

A vibrant, deep blue reminiscent of the Australian coastline. It’s a bold choice, perfect for feature walls or as an accent colour in coastal or beach-themed properties.

10. Taubmans Blue Beads

Taubmans Blue Beads is a bright and lively blue color. It’s like the deep ocean or pretty blue beads. This colour is excellent for making your house stand out. It’s perfect for a feature wall or parts of the house that you want to highlight. It brings a fun and energetic feel to your home.


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