Splash into Style: Top 10 Interior Paint Colours for 2024 in Australia

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Splash into Style: Top 10 Interior Paint Colours for 2024 in Australia

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Are you ready to breathe new life into your home? A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to transform a space, but with countless colours to choose from, where do you begin? As leading Newcastle painters, Procover Painting has the inside scoop on the hottest interior paint colours to dominate Australian homes in 2024. Let’s dive into this vibrant palette and discover how to use these hues to create inspiring spaces.

1- Heavenly Tears (Wattyl): Serene Sky Blue for Tranquil Spaces

Brand/Code: Wattyl – Colour Code: CW 79.2

Imagine the soft blue of a clear Australian sky just after a refreshing summer rain. Heavenly Tears (CW 79.2) perfectly captures this serene essence, bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity to any room in your home. With its subtle grey undertone, this gentle blue hue is incredibly versatile and adaptable to various design styles.

Where to Use:

  • Bedrooms: Create a peaceful retreat for rest and relaxation.
  • Bathrooms: Evoke a spa-like ambience with a touch of coastal charm.
  • Home Offices: Promote focus and concentration in your workspace.
  • Living Rooms: Infuse a sense of calm and airiness into your gathering space.
  • South-Facing Rooms: Brighten up spaces with limited natural light.
  • Kitchens: Add a touch of serenity and freshness to your culinary haven.
  • Accent Walls: Create a focal point that exudes tranquillity in any room.

Styling Tips:

  • Coastal Chic: Pair Heavenly Tears with crisp whites and natural textures like linen and rattan for a fresh, beachy vibe.
  • Modern Rustic: Combine with warm wood tones and greenery for a grounded, earthy feel.
  • Eclectic Flair: Introduce pops of coral or sunny yellow for a playful touch that echoes the vibrant colours of the Australian landscape.
  • Bedrooms: Layer with soft white linens and natural fibre rugs for a cozy, restful retreat.
  • Living Rooms: Anchor the space with a comfortable grey sofa and add pops of colour through throw pillows and artwork.
  • Kitchens: Pair with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a clean, modern look.
  • Home Offices: Create a productive workspace with white furniture and natural light.

Pro Tip:

When using Heavenly Tears in a bedroom, consider painting the ceiling as well. This can create a cocooning effect that enhances the room’s restful ambience and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.

2- Lexicon® Quarter: Crisp, Clean, and Oh-So-Inviting

Brand/Code: DuluxColour Code: SW1E1A

Lexicon® Quarter (SW1E1A) is a beloved staple in modern Australian homes. This bright, clean white with a subtle blue undertone stays crisp and fresh even in warm sunlight, creating a spacious, airy feel. Its versatility makes it a perfect backdrop for minimalist, eclectic, or even indoor-outdoor styles.

Where to Use:

  • Living Rooms: Create a spacious and inviting atmosphere.
  • Kitchens: Brighten up the heart of your home and make it feel larger.
  • Open-Plan Spaces: Establish a cohesive look throughout.
  • North-Facing Rooms: Enhance the natural light with a clean white backdrop.

Styling Tips:

  • Artwork and Furniture: Use Lexicon® Quarter as a backdrop for bold artwork or colourful furniture, allowing these pieces to take centre stage.
  • Kitchen Pairings: Combine with marble or stone benchtops for a sleek, contemporary kitchen aesthetic.
  • Coastal Vibes: Accentuate the crispness of Lexicon® Quarter with natural textures like jute rugs, rattan furniture, or driftwood accents.
  • Flooring: Light wood floors, concrete, or patterned tiles beautifully complement the clean lines of this white paint.
  • Lighting: Enhance the cool tones of Lexicon® Quarter with LED downlights or pendant lights with a cool white colour temperature.

Pro Tip: When using Lexicon® Quarter in a whole room, consider using a half or full strength of the same colour on trims and ceilings for a subtle, layered look that adds depth and interest.

3- Black Pearl (Taubmans): Bold and Sophisticated

Brand/Code: Taubmans – Black Pearl (T15 21.7)

Black Pearl (T15 21.7) is a deep, rich black with subtle blue undertones reminiscent of the dark waters off the Australian coast at night. This bold colour adds drama and sophistication to any space, creating a sense of depth and understated luxury.

Where to Use:

  • Living Rooms: Create a striking feature wall that anchors the space.
  • Bedrooms: Add a touch of drama and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere.
  • Dining Rooms: Set the mood for elegant dinners and gatherings.
  • Home Theaters: Achieve a cinematic ambience that draws you into the movie experience.
  • Accent Walls: Highlight architectural features or artwork.

Styling Tips:

  • Furniture: Balance Black Pearl with lighter-coloured furniture in neutral tones or pastels to create contrast and prevent the space from feeling too heavy.
  • Accents: Incorporate metallic accents like gold, brass, or copper to add warmth and a touch of glamour.
  • Flooring: Dark wood, light concrete, or patterned tiles can complement Black Pearl beautifully.
  • Wall Decor: Use artwork, mirrors, or decorative wall panels to break up the expanse of black and add visual interest.
  • Textiles: Incorporate plush fabrics like velvet or linen to soften the look and add texture.

Pro Tip:

Lighting plays a significant role when using strong colours like these, and a mix of different lights makes the space look interesting. Don’t just use ceiling lights—they can make the room feel smaller and create harsh shadows. Instead, add some lamps or other lights to create a cozy, balanced atmosphere.

4- Greyology 1 (Haymes Paints): A Warm Neutral for the Australian Home

Brand/Code: Haymes Paints – Greyology 1 (08BG06-07)

Greyology 1 (08BG06-07) is a friendly, warm grey paint colour that works well in any room of your Australian home. It’s a calming colour that goes with many styles, whether your home is modern or classic. The warmth of grey makes it an excellent choice for our climate so that it won’t feel cold or stark.

Where to Use:

  • Living Areas: Create a welcoming and inviting space for relaxing and entertaining.
  • Bedrooms: Foster a serene and restful atmosphere.
  • Hallways: Provide a calming backdrop for your daily routine.
  • Home Offices Establish a focused and productive workspace.

Styling Tips:

  • Textures: Layer different textures like linen, wool, or rattan to add depth and interest.
  • Pops of Color: Introduce vibrant hues like mustard yellow, terracotta, or dusty pink through artwork, cushions, or throws.
  • Monochromatic Scheme: Combine Greyology 1 with deeper greys for a sophisticated, layered look.
  • White Trims: Pair with crisp white trims to create definition and contrast.
  • Natural Accents: Incorporate warm timber accents for a touch of rustic charm.
  • Cool Metallics: Add chrome or stainless steel finishes for a modern edge.
  • Flooring: Consider warm wood tones or cool concrete flooring to complement the colour.
  • Furniture: Mid-century modern, Scandinavian, or traditional furniture styles work beautifully with Greyology 1.

Pro Tip: Greyology 1 can appear more beige or grey depending on the light. Always test the colour in your space at different times of day before making your final decision.

5- Clematis (Wattyl): Soft and Feminine

Brand/Code: Wattyl – Clematis (CW 88.4)

Inspired by the delicate clematis flower, this soft purple hue Clematis (CW 88.4) adds a touch of romance and elegance to any space. Its muted quality makes it a surprisingly versatile choice for those looking to add a bit of colour without going too bold.

Where to Use:

  • Bedrooms: Create a gentle, feminine sanctuary perfect for rest and relaxation.
  • Dressing Rooms: Elevate the everyday into a luxurious experience.
  • Living Rooms: Warm up your living room with elegant touches like soft neutrals, warm whites, or subtle greys.
  • Studies: Foster creativity and inspire quiet contemplation.

Styling Tips:

  • Color Palette: Pair Clematis with soft greys, blush tones, and creamy whites for a romantic, cohesive look. For a bolder statement, combine it with deep purples or navy blues.
  • Furniture: Choose furniture with simple shapes and comfy, light-coloured fabrics. For example, try a soft pink or cream velvet headboard or a big, comfy armchair to make your living room feel extra cozy.
  • Flooring: Light wood, white tiles, or a patterned carpet with subtle floral motifs can complement the romantic feel of Clematis.
  • Lighting: Choose warm-toned lighting fixtures, such as dimmable sconces or a chandelier with a soft glow to enhance the ambience.
  • Accents: Incorporate metallic accents in gold or silver to elevate the luxurious feel.

Pro Tip:

If you’re unsure about using purple on your walls, try painting a feature wall or a nook in Clematis. This will add a touch of personality without overwhelming the space.

6- Natural White™ (Dulux): A Timeless Classic for Australian Homes

Brand/Code: Dulux – Natural White™ (SW1F4)

Natural White™ (SW1F4) is a beloved classic in the Australian paint scene, known for its warmth and versatility. This soft white with a subtle yellow undertone is perfect for brightening any space without feeling stark or clinical. Its inviting glow creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for any room in your home.

Where to Use:

  • Living Rooms: Create a bright, airy, inviting space for gathering with family and friends.
  • Kitchens: Make your kitchen feel clean, spacious, and welcoming.
  • Bedrooms: Foster a serene and restful atmosphere with this gentle hue.
  • North-Facing Rooms:  enhance the natural light and warmth of sun-drenched spaces.
  • All-Over Color: Use Natural White™ as a base colour throughout your home for a cohesive and timeless look.

Styling Tips:

  • Modern & Fresh: For a contemporary vibe, pair with pops of bold colours like emerald green, terracotta, or mustard yellow.
  • Classic Australian: Combine with timber floors, sisal rugs, and neutral furnishings for a relaxed, coastal feel.
  • Crisp & Contemporary: Add black accents through furniture, lighting, or artwork for a striking contrast.
  • Furniture Styles: Natural White™ complements various styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and rustic.
  • Texture: Incorporate natural textures like linen, wool, or rattan to add depth and warmth.
  • Lighting: Enhance the warm undertones of Natural White™ with warm white or natural light bulbs.

Pro Tip:

Natural White™ is versatile enough for a seamless look on walls and trims. If you prefer more contrast, consider using a brighter white like Dulux Vivid White on trims and ceilings to define the space.

Did You Know? Natural White™ is also popular for exterior painting in Australia, as its warm undertones complement many bricks and render colours.

7- Silver Spy (Taubmans): Cool and Contemporary

Brand/Code: Taubmans – Silver Spy (T15 4.4)

Silver Spy (T15 14.4) is a cool, light grey paint that brings a contemporary edge to any room. This sophisticated shade has a subtle bland undertone, giving it a fresh, modern feel that works well in Australian homes.

Where to Use:

  • Living Rooms: Create a sleek and stylish space perfect for entertaining or relaxing.
  • Home Offices: Set a professional and productive tone.
  • Bedrooms: Foster a calm and restful atmosphere.

Styling Tips:

  • Monochromatic Scheme:  combine Silver Spy with crisp whites and dark charcoals for a dramatic, modern look.
  • Warm Accents: Add warmth with natural textures like wool rugs, leather furniture, or timber accents.
  • Bold Accents: Create contrast with bright, bold accessories in colours like yellow, teal, or pink.
  • Flooring: Light wood floors, concrete, or patterned tiles beautifully complement Silver Spy.
  • Lighting: Warm white light bulbs or natural light fixtures help balance the cool tones of the paint.
  • Furniture Styles: Silver Spy works well with modern, minimalist, or industrial furniture styles.

Pro Tip: Silver Spy can appear quite different depending on the light, sometimes looking almost white in bright sunlight. Always test the colour in your space and observe it at different times of the day before making your final decision.

8- Marble Mist (Haymes Paints): Subtle Elegance for Every Room

Brand/Code: Haymes Paints – Marble Mist (02BG04-08)

Inspired by the subtle veining in marble, Marble Mist (02BG04-08) is a soft, barely-there grey with a hint of green that adds a touch of understated elegance to any space. This versatile hue works beautifully in the Australian environment, bringing a sense of calm and natural tranquillity to your home.

Where to Use:

  • Bedrooms: Create a serene and restful oasis.
  • Living Areas: Foster a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Bathrooms: Echo the soothing tones of natural stone.

Styling Tips:

  • Colour Pairings: For a gentle, romantic look, Pair Marble Mist with pastels like blush pink and lavender. For a more dramatic effect, combine it with deep greens or blues to create a sense of depth and richness.
  • Furniture: Choose clean lines and soft fabrics in light neutrals or muted colours.
  • Flooring: Light wood floors, natural stone tiles, or plush carpets in neutral tones complement the elegance of Marble Mist.
  • Lighting: Choose warm or natural light bulbs to enhance the colour’s warmth and create a cozy ambience.
  • Accents: Incorporate metallic accents in brushed gold or copper to add a touch of luxury and shimmer.
  • Textures: Introduce natural textures like linen curtains, a chunky wool throw, or a woven rug to add warmth and visual interest.

Pro Tip:

Marble Mist is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternative to white. Its subtle colour adds depth and warmth without overwhelming the space, making it perfect for rooms that need softening.

9- Celestial Ocean (Wattyl): Deep Ocean Blue for Dramatic Interiors

Brand/Code: Wattyl – Celestial Ocean (CW 106.1)

Bring the depth and mystery of the Australian ocean into your home with Celestial Sea (CW 106.1), a rich, deep blue that adds drama and intensity to any room. This bold hue evokes the mesmerizing depths of the Great Barrier Reef, creating a sense of tranquillity and intrigue.

Where to Use:

  • Accent Walls: Make a bold statement in living rooms, bedrooms, or studies.
  • Dining Rooms: Create an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere for special occasions.
  • Home Theaters: Enhance the cinematic experience with a dark, immersive backdrop.
  • Powder Rooms: Add a touch of luxury and drama to a small space.

Styling Tips:

  • Colour Pairings: Balance Celestial Sea with light neutrals like white, cream, or beige for a clean and airy feel. Warm wood tones and natural textures like rattan or linen add depth and warmth.
  • Flooring: Light hardwood, natural stone tiles, or patterned rugs with hints of blue can all complement Celestial Sea.
  • Furniture: Mid-century modern, coastal, or eclectic styles work well with this bold hue. Consider a velvet sofa in a jewel tone or a wooden dining table for added warmth.
  • Accents: To add a touch of luxury, incorporate metallic accents like gold or brass into lighting fixtures, picture frames, or decorative objects.
  • Textiles: Experiment with textured fabrics like velvet, linen, or patterned textiles with hints of blue or green to create visual interest.

Pro Tip:

When using such a deep colour, consider the room’s natural light. In rooms with limited natural light, use Celestial Sea on a single feature wall or in alcoves to add depth and drama without making the space feel too dark.

10- Dieskau (Dulux): Warm, Versatile, and On-Trend

Brand/Code: Dulux – Dieskau (SN4H1)

Dieskau (SN4H1) is the perfect greige, striking that perfect balance between grey and beige. It’s warm, inviting, sophisticated, and modern, making it easy to incorporate into various interior (and exterior) design styles. This versatile neutral is also an excellent choice for those seeking a popular Hamptons-inspired look.

Where to Use:

  • Open-Plan Living Areas: Dieskau creates a sense of flow and connection throughout the space.
  • Bedrooms: Its softness promotes a restful and calming atmosphere.
  • Kitchens: A modern yet warm backdrop for culinary creativity.
  • Home Offices: A neutral that fosters focus and concentration.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Transitions: Creates a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Exteriors: As a wall colour paired with darker trim, Dieskau creates a modern, coastal look.

Styling Tips:

  • Layering: To add depth and interest, combine Dieskau with other warm neutrals, such as beige and greige, in varying shades.
  • Accents: Introduce pops of colour through artwork, accessories, or furniture in shades like muted green, deep blue, or blush pink.
  • Furniture Styles: Mid-century modern, contemporary, and even traditional furniture with clean lines all work well with Dieskau.
  • Flooring: Light or dark hardwood, natural stone, or concrete floors complement this versatile hue.
  • Lighting: Choose warm white or natural light bulbs to enhance the warm undertones of Dieskau.

Pro Tip:

Dieskau can appear warmer and more beige in north-facing rooms with ample natural light, while its grey tones might be more prominent in south-facing rooms. Always test the colour in your space under different lighting conditions before committing.

Expert Tips for Choosing and Using Paint Colours

Transforming your home with a new paint colour can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming with so many options available. Here are some expert tips to help you make informed decisions and create a colour scheme you’ll love:

  • Consider the Aussie Light: Australian sunlight is known for its intensity and can dramatically affect how colours appear. Always test your chosen colour on a large sample area of your wall and observe it at different times of the day to see how it changes in natural and artificial light.
  • Match Your Home’s Style: Your home’s architectural style can guide your colour choices. For example, a Queenslander might look stunning with a fresh white exterior and pastel accents, while a modern apartment could embrace bold, contrasting colours. Consider researching colour palettes that complement your home’s specific style.
  • Factor in the Heat: Lighter colours reflect more light and heat than darker colours, making them an excellent choice for Australian homes, especially in north-facing rooms. According to a study by the Australian Government’s YourHome website, lighter-coloured roofs can reduce h at absorption by up to 70% compared to dark-coloured roofs.
  • Follow the 60-30-10 Rule: Want a room that looks amazing? Try the 60-30-10 rule! It’s a simple trick for picking colours: use 60% of your primary colour (like paint on the walls), 30% of a second colour (think furniture or curtains), and 10% of a fun accent colour (pops of personality, like pillows or a painting).
  • Don’t Forget About Finish: Choosing the right type of paint isn’t just about colour! The finish is important, too. A matte finish can hide bumps and scratches on your walls, but it might only last for a while in busy areas. A shiny finish is easier to clean but might show more imperfections. Think about how you use the room and how much wear and tear it gets before you pick a finish.
  • Consider the Flow: If your home has open spaces that flow into each other, make sure the colours you pick work well together. You can use the same few colours throughout or choose different shades of one colour to create a smooth look.
  • Sample Properly: Don’t rely on small colour chips alone. Paint large swatches on your walls and observe them for several days to see how they look in different lighting conditions and times of the day.
  • Think About the Mood: Colours can make you feel different ways. For example, blues and greens often create a peaceful, relaxed feeling, while yellows and oranges can feel bright and cheerful. When picking colours for a room, think about how you want to feel when you’re in it.

Bringing Your Colour Vision to Life

Choosing the perfect paint colour is just the beginning. Achieving a flawless finish that truly reflects your style requires the expertise of seasoned professionals. With over 14 years of experience in Newcastle, Procover Painting has the knowledge and skill to handle any interior project, from a single room refresh to a whole-home transformation.
Our team understands the unique painting conditions in Australia’s diverse climate, from the scorching sun to the coastal humidity. We’ve tackled everything from historic homes requiring delicate restoration techniques to modern apartments with bold, contemporary designs.

Ready to transform your space with the hottest paint colours of 2024? Contact Procover Painting today for a consultation. Let’s discuss your project and create a home that is uniquely Australian and uniquely you!

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